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Computer repair, upgrading, custom builds, network setup and diagnostic, virus & hack resolution are just a few services we provide. We provide in-home training services, Want to be a better computer user, need a few pointers; do you want to learn how to build your own computer? We can do that for you. Whatever you need don’t be afraid to ask.

Nerd me Toby: Professional Computer Repair Services in Matteson, Oak Lawn, Chicago, Joliet, Aurora, and other areas in IL

Is your computer running slow already, experiencing sudden shutdowns, or keeps restarting? These are just some software problems that are better addressed by a computer repair expert. And if you’re just around the areas of Matteson, Oak Lawn, Chicago, Joliet, and Aurora, Nerd Me Toby should be your default go-to computer repair guy! Providing affordable yet still quality desktop computer services for a wide array of brands such as Linux and MAC, rest assured that you’ll have your computer up and running smoothly again.

From diagnosing the problem (bet it hardware or software issues), determining the right type of computer repair service to provide, actual repair of your Linux or MAC, until preventive maintenance of your desktop computers, we have the expertise and tools to perform these services. And if you also intend to learn certain computer-related matters such as building your own computer or repairing common software problems, we can provide you with our affordable in-home training services. Again, we’re currently serving those based in Matteson, Oak Lawn, Chicago, Joliet, Aurora, and surrounding areas in IL.

Let Nerd Me Toby ease up your frustrations on your slower than normal Linux or MAC desktop computers with our affordable but guaranteed dependable computer repair services. Serving the areas of Matteson, Oak Lawn, Chicago, Joliet, and Aurora, IL, you may visit our website or call us to get to know our best services.

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All Phone estimates are free and flexible according to materials and scheduling In home estimates are 35$ if you choose to have service it will be part of the first hour fee.


Services and Rates

  • Business Customer rates are,125 dollars per hours & 200 for two hours if you buy two hour block of time.


  • Hour to hour service is 99 dollars if you choose to get the two hour pack its 150 dollars for the first 2 hours. Mac and P.C. prices are the same


  • New computer Installations are 175 dollars, this includes data transfer from the old computer  to the new one, if possible within 2.5 hours total time on site.


  • Data recovery services depend upon the amount of data that needs to be recovered and how long it will take, these services are usually done off site,if done on site the rate will be 99 dollars per hour, you will be informed in advance of the amount needed to recover all of the data. "30% must be paid if data is unrecoverable"


  • If you choose to purchase multiple hours in advance a 30 percent discount to the bulk purchase of time at the rate of 99 dollars per hour is added. The time you purchase does not expire.



I’ll only work with the best materials available and provide a 15 day guarantee on all labor. I never compromise quality for time and give my clients realistic schedules that accommodate their lives. I strive for honest customer service, so jobs are only paid in full upon delivery of computer or work  is to your satisfaction.


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i started working on computers when i was 13 years old in the 80's, i have work for many leading IT companies and truly enjoy the craft. feel free to look me up on Linkedin @